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Sunsweet got you feeling good?
Time to share the excitement.

Create a video showing us your feel good moments, set to the tune of our Sunsweet "Feel Good" song. You could win cash prizes and the chance to be featured in our next commercial!


How to Enter

Step 1

Download the Sunsweet
“Feel Good” song and lyrics.

Step 1

Make a video showing
your feel good moments.

Step 1

Upload your video here.

Show off what feeling good looks like for you. Extra points if Sunsweet is your costar! You can either use our version of the "Feel Good" song or do your own rendition.
  • • Filmed horizontally
  • • Should not exceed 2 minutes
  • • Size should not exceed 500MB
  • • Video format:
    3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, and MPEG‑2
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Winners will be selected based on creativity and embodiment of feeling good. Bonus points for use of the “Feel Good” song.

Get Some Inspiration

Check out these feel good moments and interpretations of our “Feel Good” song from artists around the country.

A Day at the Beach SUBMITTED BY Jessica S.
A Day at the Beach
Sunsweet Moments
The Feel Good Friends
Yeah I’m Feeling Good
Feels Good to Feel Good
The Feel Good Life


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